US and BP in huge cover-up about the Gulf….

…where has all the oil gone?  Don’t eat the seafood.  Where has all the wildlife go?  They’ve all been burned…(with apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary)

If you don’t subscribe to Amy Goodman’s DEMOCRACY NOW, you need to to find out what the gov’t. and BP have done to cover up the effects of the disaster in the Gulf, which includes the recent spin that most of the oil is gone, the seafood is safe, and barely any marine animals have been harmed.  Julian Assange needs to train his hackers on THIS story as soon as he dumps the rest of the Afghanistan story!

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Kashmir a black-eye for India

I have been diligently educating myself about the situation in Kashmir.  It is an urgent Human Rights issue that everyone should learn about.  Kashmir has become a serious black-eye for India, the land that gained Independence through the Satyagraha movement of Mahatma Gandhi.  They are now a major market for all things techno and are in the process of becoming one of the world’s major military-indutrial complexes, and they are controlling the Kashmiri people with the same militaristic zeal that the British controlled them before 1947.  Educate yourselves please, and demand a UN investigation to end the brutalities in Kashmir!

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What’s Next in the Gulf?

Well, I am still holding to my trip to LA to speak power to the truth about the Gulf situation.  I would love to organize a huge march to the Gulf, with people joining all along the way, a satyagraha to cross BP’s ‘line in the sand’, help clean up the shorelines and marshlands, and get to the truth.  Have you read today’s headlines carefully?  They are now contemplating, if the caps holds strong, just pumping from the cap!!  So once again, $$ talks, bullshit walks.  I have maintained for these past 80+ days, that all BP wanted was to find a way to cut their losses and find a way to capture as much as the oil as they can.  It seems that may come true.  We mustn’t let them get away with lying any more to We the People.

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We must uncover the truth about the Gulf disaster

Hello everyone:
I have this driving thought in my mind: to go to the Gulf and see with my own eyes what is REALLY going on down there. An act of civil disobedience if necessary. I believe that we are daily being lied to through the teeth of the people who have perpetrated this ecological disaster. Someone from outside needs to bear witness to this unprecedented event, regardless of authority, if not for “We the People”, then for the Earth herself.

Since I literally am broke, I am asking for willing folk to donate the cost of a round-trip flight to Louisana. Never mind about bail ().

“There is something rotten in the state of Denmark”, as the great Bard put it, and we all feel it and some of us know it in our bones. The photos of dead sea turtles, seabirds mummified in oil in situ, the befouled coastline(s) give me chills, and make me sob uncontrollably each and every day. If others would like to join me, all the better, but if I can get there, I solemnly swear to look, see, find everything that I can about what is going on down there, on behalf of all of us. Americans have the constitutional right to know what is really going on in their own land(s), and it is an outrage that so many of us sit in front of TV’s or the Inet and watch, but do nothing. Basically, if I could, I would call for a million-person march to the Gulf Coast!! That is what we need to do, but even one person can make a difference. This is not under the auspices of any organization, but on my own and personal initiative. I keep wondering: where is the outrage, and how can we all participate in our Democracy (no jokes please) if we do not unearth the truth. Please help, please join me, please pray for our Mother Gaia and that the BP’s (British Petroleum and Bad Politicians) are successful in stopping this well. And of course, if you would be willing to support this kind of action, please help me to raise the funds to get there. If I cannot raise the funds, then I think I must walk there, because the oxymoron of using petroleum products to fly me there are obvious. If I do have to walk from Upstate NY to Louisana, then this will be my version of Gandhiji’s Dandi March.

I may be daft, but I feel this is called for. Blessings to one and all.

Very Drooly Yours,
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
“Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart” – M.K.Gandhi

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